Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Karen's Kiddie Corner

I teach young children to dance.  It's very frustrating yet at the same time it's very rewarding.  It's also full of surprises.

The other day, we were working on our splits.  One of the 4 year olds tried a split.  Then she said: "This hurts my vagina."

........ Uh......... Er.......... Hm........

My assistant is no help, she's laughing in the corner, and this little girl is looking at me with such earnest eyes all I could say was "Well, it shouldn't hurt.  Let's try toe touches."

Good times, good times.

Karen's Krazy!

So I'm a slacker...

I started this blog and was pretty faithful to it... for a while.  Life and illness just kind of krept in on me. It's hard to keep EVERYTHING on track ALL the time.  Hell, I can hardly keep my Kaboose on track for a day!  (You see what I did there?  Huh?  Huh?... Yeah...)

I've been on some new meds that have really helped me return to some semblance of normal so I think I'm ready to rejoin Blogworld.  I've resolved to try to get to this blog more often.  I have had so many great ideas and so many things to talk about, then I promptly forget them all!

Plus, it is almost time for Karen's Kristmas Korner... I have a feeling that those naughty little elves are going to be back...