Friday, February 11, 2011

iTunes, Why Have You Forsaken Me!

So, I was on my favorite site,, and I saw that iTunes was having a really fantabulous sale!  Apps for $0.99!  I mean so sweet!  Some of these were $7, $8, $9.  So, on the site I go.... what do I find?  all the ones on sale that I want I have already purchased!!!!!!!!!!


What a waste!  From excitement to utter defeat in 1.4 seconds.  Sigh....

Subbing Hijinks: Being Jackie

Subbing Hijinks: Being Eric 3

Subbing Hijinks: Being Eric 2

Subbing Hijinks: Being Eric

I was recently put on the secretarial sub list for the Franklin Area School District.  It's interesting... to say the least.  From rogue copy machines to half frozen grandmas, there wasn't a dull moment.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Magic Day!!!!!

It's February 3rd... national "iPhone-comes-to-Verizon-finally-after-too-many-years" day!  Not really a big day to 99% of the people I know, but to me, it's a great day.

As per my "Technology Whore" blog, you all know about my penchant for new, shiny, blinking things.  This is kind of exciting to me.  I'm slowly going over to the Dark Side and replacing all of my computers and such with Apple products.  What better to crown the collection than an iPhone!  But, then again, my Droid has be absolutely great.

What to do what to do!!!

 It's so sleek and sexy..  :P                                                                          

Everyone is talking about no data and voice at the same time, no 4G, no blah blah blah... I never heard of half of that stuff and I seem to function just fine without it now.  What you're getting is Apple's ease of use and styling.... isn't that really enough?

Also so sleek and sexy!!

But.... Droid Pro... A real keyboard (big cone fingers on touch screen is sometimes good for laughs, but not texts), the Droid system, all the apps I'm familiar with...  sigh....

So, the dilema continues.  I have a month left before my renewal date... maybe I'll go and creep on the phones in the stores.  Nothing like fingering the merchandise.  :)

Let the whoring really begin!