Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Karen's Kitty Korner

Ok, it's been a while!  I admit that freely.

I've had so many ideas for the blog but have just not had the time... or the brain cells.  By the time I get home, I've forgotten my great blog idea!!

Today, we're gonna talk about kitties.  Lots of kitties.  I happen to have lots of kitties.  I am now the Kitty Lady.

All of my kitties were abandoned and unloved.  I find I am getting angrier and angrier with every cat I see on the streets.  Pets depend on us for everything.  If you do not intend to keep your pet inside and love them, don't freaking own them!!!

Wallaby - lost and injured in the parking lot in the winter.  Scrawny and scared, he hid under the couch for a few weeks.

Now look at my big boy!  He knows his name, sleeps next to me, and mothers all the little ones!


Millie - found at the Humane Society.  She was sleeping in her food dish and as soon as I held her she purred and licked and kneaded me... and "needed" me.  She is the sweetest kitty ever, very affectionate, and has had two - count em - two hysterectomies!

She's also a seat stealer!!!!

Edith Ann - hit by a car in Oil City and rescued from a life on the streets or worse.  She was only 4 weeks old.  She bonded with Wallaby and followed him around like a shadow!  She was shy of any one's touch and spent time under the bed... a lot of time!

Edith Ann now.  Loves to be pet and still follows Wallaby around - much to his dismay sometimes!

Eli - the new baby.  He was found in a box by the river with 3 other kittens.  He was only 3 weeks old, scrawny, and sad.  He is now 5 weeks old, eats solid food, knows where the litter boxes are, and is the cuddliest kitten I've ever seen.  All he wants is to be held and loved.

Please Please PLEASE!  Care for your pets, spay and neuter them, protect them, and love them.