Friday, April 29, 2011

Karen's Kouture Korner - The Royal Wedding

So, I'm kind of an Anglophile... I love Monty Python, Rowan Atkinson, Doctor Who, English comedy, Top Gear, and a ton of other things from the British Isles.  I watched Princess Diana marry.  I watched Princess Diana buried.  I watched Prince Edward marry and today I watched Prince William marry.  

I will admit that I am grateful for cable and satellite TV.  In 1981 we didn't have cable or a VCR, so that meant that you had to get up early and watch something because a.) you wouldn't see it ever again and b.) you couldn't record it and watch it later.  Today, I slept through the live version and have been watching it as I do my chores and such.

A couple of comments before we get to the meat of this post...

- I loved the trees in the Abbey... it was so lovely to see them walk through a row of young trees.
- I thought the dress was very nice and simple and clean
- The music was so well chosen.  A John Rutter piece (natch!), some great boys choir numbers, and beautiful instrumental numbers.
- Speaking of music, perhaps my love of Monty Python ruined one of the hymns... all I could see in my mind was a half naked Eric Idle playing guitar and singing "Jerusalem."  Sorry!


What was up with those "hats?"  I'm kinda traditional but I do enjoy some funk in my fashion.  Here we go!




The tiny blue Indian would like his tiny blue canoe back...
and his tiny blue teepee


Very Ascot!

 NOT Hat

Looks like a dead beetle on a dead branch.
And by dead branch, I mean Posh herself.


Stylish yet with a little flair.

 Uhhhhh..... ?

Was this a nursing home pipe cleaner project?


Simple and understated.  I like the veil.


One or the other!  Either the bow OR the brim, not both!!!  
It's the Land Shark!!!


Pretty flower!  And the turban style is different.

NOT.... Oh dear lord...what the hell is that!!!


Next time - God... how do I follow this up?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Origin of Karen

I've been kinda lax lately about my blog.  Today, I happened to be thinking that the title is probably very confusing.  So, for my minion (yes, singular!),  I thought I would explain how I came to be Karen.

Many, many, many, MANY years ago, I was a shy piano nerd.  All I did in high school was play piano; choirs, talent shows, musicals, weddings, funerals, graduations, anything.  My senior year, I had this crazy idea that I wanted to sing for graduation.  I auditioned and was chosen!  It was right after Les Miserables had come out on Broadway and I had chosen the song, "On My Own."  It was so soon after the show came out, that a friend of mine who worked at a theatre had to send me the music because it wasn't available.

The big day comes, I'm in my dorky pointy hat (perfectly positioned so that my big hair is unimpeded!) and my space age paper gown, and I sing... I sang my little heart out.  My classmates were astonished... they didn't know I could sing.  It was a great day.  Next day in the paper, my mom yelled to me saying that my picture was in the paper!  


I opened up the paper, ready to see my picture, my triumph now complete..... and.......!!!!!

Really?  REALLY?  I mean, come on!!  It's the only freaking thing I had ever done on my own!! (pardon the pun)...  You couldn't read the program?  You couldn't do that much?  Jeez louise!!

So, I recovered from the Karen thing... I thought.  A few years later, I was doing a show at the theatre and someone new to the theatre called me Karen... all of a sudden I remembered my graduation.  Karen?  Do I look like a Karen?  A small part of me thought that maybe they remembered my picture and thought that was my name.

Fast forward a few more years.  I'm playing for Venango Chorus and a chorus member... who knew me... called me Karen.... WTF!  

I was called Karen by a student, I was called Karen by a woman at church, I was called Karen by a nice lady at the library... the list goes on!

So, with that being said.... call me Karen!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Karen's Kraft Korner - Project #1

You CAN make a spray booth in your hotel bathroom....

But I wouldn't recommend it unless you are sure your bathroom fan actually works.

Next time: How to make a welder from a hotel hair dryer and a coffee pot